Dimmable Colour Temperature Changing Smart LED Ceiling Lights

LED Dimmable and Colour Temperature Changing Smart Panels are controlled by just a wifi remote. One remote can control unlimited panels. Change the colour temperature, dim the panels, set the time for the panels to turn on or go off. You can set up different groups (up to 99) with unlimited Lights in each group. No dimmers or timers are required. No high labour costs when installing cable between a wall mounted dimmer switch and the light fixture. Panels are available in 4 sizes, 600 x 600 is £39.00 + VAT, 300 x 600 is £29.00 + VAT, 300 x 300 is £25.00 + VAT. Round Lights are ф225 × 40mm at £30.00 + VAT. A remote is £10.00 + VAT each. These next generation ceiling panels and down lights will reduce your energy savings by up to 97%. Buy an additional ambient light sensor for just £10.00 +
 VAT and it will automatically adjust the brightness.

Colour Temperature Chart
LED Smart Panels
Price: From £29.00
£34.88 Inc VAT

LED Dimmable and Colour Temperature Changing Panels

Ceiling panels include driver but you also require at least one remote. 300 x 300 is £25.00 + VAT, 300 x 600 £29.00 + VAT and 600 x 600 £39.00 + VAT round is £29.00 + VAT


Actual Size

595 x 595 x 9.8mm, 295 x 595 x 9.8mm and 295 x 295 x 9.8mm, ф225 × 40mm

40, 23 and 9 and 22  watts


CE and Rosh

Frame Colour

Panels Silver, down light White



IP Rating


Colour Temperature

Beam Angle

120 degrees

AC Input


Life Span

50,000 hours

Comes with Driver





3 years


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Product Liability Insurance

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