Neon Flex Lettering & Logos Using Mini Pro 24VDC.

Mini ProWe often get asked how to make lettering and logos using LED Neon Flex. There is no right or wrong way of doing this but to help our customers we have made up a few guidelines that will help you chose the correct items required to make up your sign. Please Note: DDS UK are not sign makers and we do not make up signs. We only provide the materials. All neon can be used for lettering and logos but our recommendation is 24VDC Mini Pro; with 120 LED's per metre just 50mm cut unit and small size of 15 x 8mm it is ideal for making up all Lettering and logos. At just £12.80 + VAT per metre. and discount break of 5% off at 21 metres plus, 7.5% at 31 metres plus, 10% at 41metres plus and 20% at 51 metres plus (just £10.20 + VAT).

Firstly we suggest that you look at the Neon Flex price list to familiarize yourself with the type of LED Neon Flex and accessories that are available. Next consider height. This will depend on the type of neon you wish to use. Below is a table giving you the minimum recommended height that LED Neon Flex can be used to make up lettering. Lower heights can be achieved if you are bending only; however if your are cutting and joining then we recommend that 3 cut lengths of any of the 24VDC products is the basis of your lettering. Download the Guide to Lettering and Logos and the Full Neon flex Specifications.

Introducing 24VDC Mini Pro LED Neon Flex
This purpose made Neon flex is ideal for all your Signage, Lettering and Logo requirements. At a small size of just 8 x 15mm and 120 LEDs per metre giving a bright smooth light output . With a cutting length of only 50mm it makes Mini Pro the ideal Neon Flex for all signage applications. Use the pin connector range found in the accessories page
Neon Flex Type Profile and size Lateral Bend Radius Cutting length Minimum Height
Mini Pro 24VDC Mini Pro 40-45mm All Colours 50mm 150mm
Standard 240VAC Standard Shape 55-60mm 240VAC 1000mm for all colours 1 metre if bending; 3 metres if cutting
Standard 24VDC 24VDC 200mm for all colours 600mm
Mini  24VDC Mini Pro 40-45mm 24VDC All colour 150mm (smaller without any cuts)
360 Degree 240VAC 360 Degree Profile 50-55mm 240VAC All Colours 1 metre if bending; 3 metres if cutting
360 Degree 24VDC 24VDC All Colours 600mm (smaller without any cuts)
SMD RGB 24VDC RGB Profile 60-70mm RGB 500mm (smaller without any cuts)

For all connectors and fittings: Accessories
For power supplies and controllers: Power Supplies and Controllers

Watch video for demonstration to repair, splice, join LED Neon Flex lighting.

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Product Liability Insurance

Note: Direct purchase from China – Very few if any Chinese companies have product liability insurance. If you buy direct, it is advisable to check with your insurance company to verify that your insurance will cover these products.
All products purchased directly through DDS UK Ltd have full product liability insurance.