LED Neon Flex RGB

RGB Neon Flex is available in at 24VDC, Mini at 11 x 19mm  10 watts per metre 500mm cut marks  Unlike LED strip or rope light, Neon Flex has a smooth even light output. As the name implies it is flexible and can be used in many different applications. The profiles of each is shown below.

 Neon Flex is relatively easy to install  and is best installed on site. We recommend that you  take a look at the installation guide before you purchase your Neon Flex or take look on YouTube (there are numerous examples of installations and types). There is also a guide to show you how to repair or make the joins waterproof here.
Please note: Like all coloured products there can be small shading variations from batch to batch. We can not guarantee that different batches will be 100% the same colour so we recommend buying enough product to complete your project. You can purchase your RGB Neon Flex below in any one of the 4 shapes and two voltages.
Accessories for all neon flex types  can be found on these pages; SMD 24VDC and 240VAC shape, 360 degree, RGB, Mini and MiniPro

power supplies and controllers can be found here.

Watch This video for a demonstration on how to repair, splice, join LED Neon Flex lighting.

Click here to view a video of an RGB Neon Flex installation
Watch video for demonstration to repair, splice, join LED Neon Flex lighting.

RGB Neon Flex
Price from: £14.40
£17.27 Inc VAT

RGB Neon Flex

Mini 11 x 19mm 24VDC,  360 Degree 22mm in 24VDC a. These RGB full colour LED Neon Flex starts at £14.40 + VAT per metre (£17.27 In VAT). Down load Price list and Specifications

Profile RGB Profile 360 Degree Profile
Number of LEDs per metre 60 80
Power cunsumption 24VDC 8-10 watts 24VDC 18.6 watts
Size 11 x 19 mm 22 mm
cutting unit 24VDC  500 mm 24VDC 76.2 mm
Lumens See individual colours See individual colours
Dimmable Yes Yes
Maximum Run 24VDC 20 metres 24VDC 15 metres
Price £14.40 + VAT 24VDC £37.80 + VAT


Product Liability Insurance

Note: Direct purchase from China – Very few if any Chinese companies have product liability insurance. If you buy direct, it is advisable to check with your insurance company to verify that your insurance will cover these products.
All products purchased directly through DDS UK Ltd have full product liability insurance.