LED Neon Flex Accessories

Standard Dome shaped SMD 24VDC and 240VAC accessories including front connectors, end caps joins and installation fittings for SMD 24VDC and 240VAC LED Neon Flex. All these product have been tested to work with Neon Flex available on this site. We cannot guarantee that they will work with other manufacturers' products. All prices exclude VAT.
For accessories for all types of neon flex go to these pages; SMD 24VDC and 240VAC Dome shape,  360 degree, RGB and Mini and Mini Pro

power supplies and controllers can be found here.

Watch video for demonstration to repair, splice, join LED Neon Flex lighting.

DC Front Connector
Price: From £2.70
£3.24 Inc VAT

SMD 24VDC Front Connector

24VDC front connector for SMD Dome shape. Plastic cover fits over the front of the Neon and protrudes 30mm. There is 300mm of cable. For outside work use WP-CAB to connect to a IP67 power supply.
AC Front Connector
Price: £3.90
£4.68 Inc VAT

240VAC Connector

AC front connector, with UK plug.

Standard Neon Flex Fixing
Price: £0.20
£0.24 Inc VAT

Heat Shrink

Heat shrink is required for all joins and end caps.
Price: £0.50
£0.60 Inc VAT


Extra Connector Pins use for SMD 24VDC Neon Flex.
End Caps
Price: £0.40
£0.48 Inc VAT

End Caps

End caps for SMD 24VDC Neon Flex.

360 Degree Fixing
Price: From £2.20
£2.64 Inc VAT

SMD 24VDC Fixings

SMD fixings; Aluminium mounting clips (10 per bag), Aluminium Channel by the metre or Plastic (Black or White) by the metre. These need to be fixed to a surface and the neon is then pushed into the channel or mounting clips.
M3-3A+ MI
Price: £12.00
£14.40 Inc VAT


240VAC Neon Flex Dimmer for 240VDC Neon Flex
Download full specifications
Waterproof Options
Price: From £1.00
£1.20 Inc VAT

Waterproof Options

All outdoor installations will require that all joins are made waterproof. You can purchase clear Silicone Sealant, Water Resistant Heat Shrink and Water Proof Cable Connectors here.